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Project: Many Hands Make Light Work

Through the project, kids will learn the power of words to influence an audience and inspire action.

Kids are eager to impact their world.  This project, “Many Hands Make Light Work,” will help them make a case for change.

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How does this help my kid?

Through the project, kids will learn the power of words to influence an audience and inspire action.

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“The energy and heart kids have to make the world better gives us a chance to reimagine education. Many Hands Make Light Work will empower kids to do some really great things while they’re learning valuable skills and habits.”

– Eileen Murphy, UNBOXED Curriculum Designer

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The science behind it.

Using new, developing skills in the real-world motivates kids to dig deeper and makes learning and school feel relevant. In this project, kids practice important skills:

  • Reading: a Range of Texts, Main Ideas and Supporting Details, and Multimedia
  • Writing: Opinion/Argumentative Writing, Descriptive Writing
  • Language: Grammar and Vocabulary
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How to do this with my kid?
UNBOXED Projects consist of two downloadables:
  • The project, a pdf slide presentation, which walks a kid through the project with general instruction and steps to complete. An older child should be able to use this document to understand what to do and when to do it. Younger kids may need additional assistance from an adult.
  • Learning Support Tools (LST) are designed to provide kids additional support for carrying out the Challenges in the Learn project. These tools offer more detailed instructions to support kids’ thinking about the different tasks needed to complete each step, helping kids approach tasks like evaluating sources and explaining evidence the way a more experienced scholar would. 

Not every step of the project needs a Learning Support Tool, and not every kid will need the support of every tool offered here. For those that do, these additional explanations, activities, guides, and examples can help accelerate learning. 

Projects are designed to be completed over the course of a month, and are the perfect centerpiece for a celebration of learning. Download the project and LST and dive in!

Learning Support Tools (LST)