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A few of our most important questions: 


How does Prepared Parents develop resources?

The research-based resources from Prepared Parents are inspired by the learning model developed at Summit Public Schools using learning science, psychology and behavioral research. For more information about Summit’s model and the research behind it, download
The Science of Summit


How much does it cost to access Prepared Parents’ resources?

There is no cost to access Prepared Parents resources, thanks to generous philanthropic support. 


Did the Prepared Parents website change?

We have redesigned the Prepared Parents website to make our tips, tools, and resources more accessible to all families. Therefore, you no longer need to log-in to access our resources, and all of our tips and tools—including those developed as part of our digital UNBOXED learning kits—are available in one place. 


How is Prepared Parents funded?

Prepared Parents is funded entirely by philanthropic support from charitable contributions, grants, and individual donors. We do not receive funding from advertisements, sponsored content, or commercial partnerships.


Prepared Parents is an initiative of Marshall Street Initiatives at Summit Public Schools.  Summit is a nationally-recognized public school network with 15 middle and high schools in the states of California and Washington.  Marshall Street develops solutions to locally felt, globally evident problems in America’s public education system so that every student has the opportunity to pursue a fulfilled life.