• How is Prepared Parents connected to Summit Public Schools?

    Prepared Parents is a special project of Summit Public Schools, a nationally-recognized public school network with 15 middle and high schools in the States of California and Washington.

  • How is Prepared Parents funded?

    Prepared Parents is entirely funded by philanthropic support from charitable contributions, grants, and individual donors. We do not receive funding from advertisements, sponsored content, or commercial partnerships.

    While Summit Public Schools receives funding from the States of California and Washington to operate charter schools for the more than 4,400 students, Summit Public Schools does not use this funding to support or operate Prepared Parents.

  • Will Diane Tavenner or Summit Public Schools profit from the Prepared Parents project?

    Diane Tavenner has pledged the net author proceeds from the sale of Prepared: What Kids Need for a Fulfilled Life to the Community High School Foundation, a California nonprofit organization, to operate a scholarship program. The Community High School Foundation will use the funds to create, maintain, and disburse a college and career scholarship fund for Summit Public School students and graduates. 

    Those who join the Prepared Parents community via email,  they will have access to resources that are freely available to view and use.

  • How will Prepared Parents use my email address?

    Prepared Parents will use your email address to communicate with you and share useful resources developed by the Prepared Parents team. For example, by signing up for Prepared Parents, you will allow us to email you:

    • Parenting activities, tips and other resources;
    • Stories from the Executive Director of Prepared Parents;
    • News clips, articles and media stories on related themes

    You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” link or following the instructions at the bottom of each email. If you decide you would like to hear more about Prepared Parents, you are always welcome to re-submit your email address and subscribe. 

    We value and respect your privacy. Please read our Privacy Policy, which details our commitment to your privacy. Your email address will not be sold or used for communications not affiliated with Prepared Parents.

  • How does Prepared Parents develop resources?

    The research-based tips and resources available from Prepared Parents are inspired by the learning model developed at Summit Public Schools. For more information about Summit’s model and the research behind it, download The Science of Summit. While the Prepared Parents community includes parents of children of all ages, our resources are generally geared toward parents of children in kindergarten through 9th grade.

  • Is Prepared Parents an advice or counseling service?

    Prepared Parents, a special project of Summit Public Schools, is a community dedicated to raising happy, fulfilled kids. Drawing on the lessons from Prepared: What Kids Need for a Fulfilled Life, Prepared Parents is a resource for parents and is not a professional, certified, or licensed advice or counseling service. 

    The opinions and recommendations expressed by Prepared Parents are for general educational and informational purposes only and are not to be considered by you, or anyone, as appropriate or professional, or diagnostic of your condition or situation. The information on the website are not intended as, nor should they be considered a substitute for professional medical advice, suggestions, diagnosis, counseling, or treatment of any kind. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s growth or development, we recommend contacting your primary care provider or a licensed therapist.

Prepared the book

Prepared the book

“A treasure trove of deeply practical wisdom that accords with everything I know about how children thrive. Diane Tavenner is in a class by herself. But now, fortunately, we can all sit in her classroom by reading this book.”

Angela Duckworth, Author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

In Prepared, author Diane Tavenner shares her journey as an educator, mother, and leader of one of America’s most innovative public-school networks. She gives parents a roadmap to prepare their children to succeed in college, thrive in today’s workplace, and lead secure and fulfilled lives.