Why we started Prepared Parents

Parenting is not a race. This is the foundational belief that led us to launch Prepared Parents. A “winner take all” approach to learning leads to competitive parenting and inequitable schools, and hurts the success of all kids. We believe there’s another way to prepare our kids to lead successful lives with financial security, purposeful work, meaningful relationships, and personal wellbeing. Informed by decades of learning science, research, and the bestselling book Prepared: What Kids Need for a Fulfilled Life by Diane Tavenner, we give parents the resources to build power habits and skills at home, and champion change in classrooms.

The Team

  • Photograph of Mira Habiby Browne

    Mira Habiby Browne

    Executive Director

    The founder of Prepared Parents, Mira is a creator, builder and storyteller dedicated to transformative change for children and families. She is the former Chief External Officer of Summit Public Schools, with previous leadership experience spanning nonprofit sectors. Mira is also the parent of two young, energetic boys who both exhaust her and leave her awed on a daily basis.

  • Photograph of Parneet Gosal

    Parneet Gosal

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Parneet is a seasoned executive with a passion for developing family-oriented programs at American Express, Martha Stewart and several high-growth startups. She is a New York City transplant living in Austin who is thrilled to be working with other Prepared Parents who, like her, are challenged daily to do and be their best for their children.

  • Photograph of Amie Sugarman

    Amie Sugarman

    Chief Operating Officer

    Amie has more than a decade of experience in K-12 public education as a strategy consultant and in the charter school and education nonprofit sectors. Outside of work, Amie enjoys watching her toddler learn and grow, and running after him on the beach.

  • Photograph of Susan Solomon Yem

    Susan Solomon Yem

    Content Strategist

    As the mother of five, Susan has always put her role as mother first. She has worked in education for more than a decade and has extensive experience in media. Susan has created content for several websites and authored more than 200 articles on parenting, education, and women’s issues.


  • Photograph of Diane Tavenner

    Diane Tavenner

    Author, Prepared: What Kids Need for a Fulfilled Life

    Drawing on two decades as a teacher and school leader, Prepared author Diane created a first-of-its kind education model that prepares kids for college and a good life after graduation. She often jokes that she has two children: her son, and Summit’s flagship school, born the same year.

  • Photograph of Adam Carter

    Adam Carter


    Adam is the Executive Director of Marshall Street, and former Chief Academic Officer of Summit Public Schools. A lifelong educator who has taught and created educational programs in the United States, Indonesia, and Argentina, Adam is currently teaching his four-year-old daughter to swim and his two-year-old son to share — and he’s learning humility in the process.

  • Photograph of Eileen Murphy Buckley

    Eileen Murphy Buckley


    Eileen is an educator, author, and entrepreneur. After decades as a teacher, school leader, and district administrator in Chicago Public Schools, Eileen Murphy Buckley built ThinkCERCA, a platform for literacy used in all 50 states and in schools across the globe. She is an Unreasonable Fellow and a Pahara-Aspen Fellow and has been recognized as one of 2018 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs by Goldman Sachs and one of 35 World-Changing Women by Conscious Business.

  • Photograph of Wilita Sanguma

    Wilita Sanguma


    As the Director of Development for Summit Public Schools, Wilita brings experience in development, finance, and program management. Whether playing soccer, building puzzles, or reading with his two girls, he loves engaging in activities that contribute to their holistic wellbeing.

  • Photograph of Kelly Garcia

    Kelly Garcia


    With nearly two decades in the classroom as a teacher and school leader at Summit Public Schools, Kelly is now the Chief of Staff supporting Summit’s 15 public schools. She is featured in Prepared: What Kids Need for a Fulfilled Life as the founding History teacher of Summit Prep. Kelly is the parent of two kids who have taught her what it means to love fiercely and passionately, even when you are wondering why they just cannot put the towels in the bathroom.

  • Photograph of Parisa Rouhani

    Parisa Rouhani


    As Co-founder and Senior Vice President of Populace, Parisa — who has a Harvard Doctorate in Human Development and Learning — spends her time studying and thinking about individuality. She helps her three daughters understand what they care about and what they are trying to accomplish by running at-home experiments. Together, they hypothesize, test and explore, making learning more fun and personal.

  • Photograph of Todd Rose

    Todd Rose


    Also a Co-Founder and President of Populace — and a professor with Harvard’s Graduate School of Education — Todd focuses on the connection between individuality and fulfilled lives. He also authored the bestselling The End of Average and Dark Horse, and is father to two boys.

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