Prepared is

your roadmap for what kids
need for a fulfilled life

All net proceeds from the sale of Prepared will be donated to the Community High School Foundation to support a college and career scholarship fund.

We all want the best for our kids. And there’s no shortage of advice for parents about how to prepare them for the future: move to a neighborhood with good schools; ace the standardized tests; attend a top college.

But our kids deserve so much more. They deserve opportunities to discover their unique interests and talents, to make mistakes and learn from them, and to become curious and confident adults. Our kids deserve to pursue the lives they want to live—filled with financial security, purposeful work, meaningful relationships, and networks of support. The good news is that we don’t have to choose between success and fulfillment for our kids—they can have both.

In Prepared, author Diane Tavenner shares her journey as an educator, mother, and leader of one of America’s most innovative public-school networks. She gives parents a roadmap to prepare their children to succeed in college, thrive in today’s workplace, and lead secure and fulfilled lives.

One of the best books Bill Gates read!

Every December, Bill Gates chooses his top five books of the year, and Prepared made his best-of-2019 list!

Praise for Prepared

“A treasure trove of deeply practical wisdom that accords with everything I know about how children thrive. Diane Tavenner is in a class by herself. But now, fortunately, we an all sit in her classroom by reading this book.”

Angela Duckworth, Author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

“In a world filled with lots of parenting advice, Prepared cuts through the noise, offering a no-nonsense guide for raising curious, confident kids. Diane shares the secret sauce behind Summit’s success and how we can make sure that all kids can have the same opportunity.”

Jon Deane, CEO,

Prepared is for parents and students who are fed up with the high-stakes college admissions arms race. This book brilliantly shows how all kids can succeed in college, find a meaningful career, and life a fulfilled life.”

Scott Barry Kaufman,
Author of Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined

“With Prepared, Diane shows us that we don’t have to choose between success and fulfillment for our children. They can have both. Diane created the kind of schools we all want for our kids — schools that combine rigorous academics with real-world experiences, and give our children the opportunity to figure out who they are, understand what motivates them and know how to achieve it.”

Todd Rose, Director with Harvard Graduate School of Education and author of End of Average and Dark Horse

“Diane Tavenner is one of the leading thinkers in education today – her energy and insights are infectious. There is no one better to think big about what kids need and who can roll up her sleeves to make it happen.”

Sal Khan, Founder and CEO,
Khan Academy

“Prepared is compelling and actionable. It tells the story of why all of us must work to prepare every child. We cannot allow luck or circumstance to dictate their future.”

Dr. Priscilla Chan, Co-CEO of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative,
Pediatrician and Mother

“Diane Tavenner’s courageous book, Prepared, is an intimate portrait of Summit schools — their leaders, teachers and children — putting into practice the science of learning and human development where environments and relationships drive the development of the brain. It is a roadmap by a passionate leader for anyone who sees the purpose of schooling as unleashing the potential of each and every child.”

Pamela Cantor M.D.
Founder of Turnaround for Children and Partner with the Science of Learning and Development Initiative

Prepared is the conversation we should be having as a nation. In this book, Diane Tavenner shows us how authentic, real-world learning and the essential skills of self-direction, collaboration, and reflection can be nurtured both inside and outside of the classroom, giving all parents a valuable guide for helping their children to successfully take on life’s challenges.”    

Linda Darling-Hammond
Professor Emeritus, Stanford University and President, Learning Policy Institute

In Prepared, Diane makes a powerful argument that success shouldn’t be reserved for a lucky few. She clearly shows how all children can be successful, providing useful insights for how parents and schools can foster self-direction, collaboration, and reflection—the skills our children need to find purpose and fulfillment in their lives. I truly believe this is required reading for any parent or educator who is committed to developing self-sufficient children who can thrive as adults.”

Angela Cobb,
CEO, FirstGen Partners

Prepared is a roadmap for teachers, principals, parents and even students that paves the way for every child to reach adulthood and to thrive. Interweaving personal and professional anecdotes of how students navigate the terrain, Diane offers a new and engaging version of high school that prepares every child for college and for a fulfilled life.”  

Priscilla Wohlstetter
Distinguished Research Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University.

“This is a compelling and spot-on book from one of the field’s most innovative experts. Tavenner won’t rest until schools (and society) give young people what they need to thrive, and after reading this book you won’t be able to either.” 

David Yeager
Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas

“Prepared tackles the question so many of us parents and educators are grappling with—how do we grow and develop our children and young people so that they can shape a better future for themselves and for all of us?  This immensely readable book pulls us along through Diane’s story as a student, parent, and educator who has built some of the most acclaimed schools in the world. It serves as a powerful resource for all of us.” 

Wendy Kopp
Co-founder and CEO of Teach for All

Getting students ready for a resilient, fulfilled and happy life requires educators to think about more than just test scores—it requires a fundamental shift in how we think about a school’s role in preparing students for success. With over 15 years at the helm of one of the most innovative school networks in the country, Diane Tavenner knows how to help schools, teachers and families make this shift, and I’m thrilled that she’s sharing her blueprint in Prepared.”

Marc Sternberg
K-12 Education Program Director, Walton Family Foundation

Diane is a true expert when it comes to education.  In Prepared, she shares her keen insights with parents looking to raise happy, confident kids  who are ready to take on the world.”

Joel Rose
Co-Founder and CEO of New Classrooms Innovation Partners

CEO, educator, mother – Diane Tavenner is the ultimate Super Woman. In Prepared, she reveals the secrets to raising curious and confident kids.”

Nicole Lapin
NYT bestselling author and television personality with forthcoming book, Becoming
Super Woman

“Diane Tavenner is a bold visionary and a compassionate truth teller. As a parent and education leader, I love this book.”

Kim Smith
CEO, Pahara Institute

About Diane

Diane Tavenner is pioneering a new vision for education in the United States. In 2003, Diane co-founded Summit Public Schools— a nationally-recognized nonprofit with 15 public middle and high schools in California and Washington. Drawing on two decades as a teacher and school leader, Diane created a first-of-its kind educational model that prepares kids for college and for a good life after graduation.

Summit students don’t obsess over rankings or test scores. Instead, they spend their days solving real-world problems, and developing the skills of self-direction, collaboration, and reflection.

Summit schools are recognized by U.S. News & World Report as some of the top high schools in America. Today, tens of thousands of families and hundreds of public schools across the country have embraced this model.

Diane holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology from the University of Southern California and has a master’s degree in administration and policy analysis from Stanford University.  She is also the co-host of the popular podcast, Class Disrupted.

Diane Tavenner

Parenting in the Modern Age: How to Raise Happy, Fulfilled Children

With two of America’s leading CEOs, educators, researchers and mothers - Diane Tavenner and Angela Duckworth, author of "Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance."