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Parents and teachers are a team

Sheree has been an educator for more than 30 years. She shares insights on how when parents and teachers partner up and work together, kids benefit.

“It seems like everybody is overwhelmed with how to figure this out. To me this looks like a watershed moment. We can either embrace this and take the things that worked really well and incorporate them into the new way of doing things or we can get so bogged down with the enormity of what we’re trying to do that it cuts off our resilience. It cuts off our creativity.

Is this going to be the same as it always was? No, but rather than feeling like we’ve been dumped, parents and teachers need to come together. This is an opportunity to structure things differently and build relationships differently. Let’s give teachers and parents the opportunity to communicate in a more meaningful way.

There’s nothing that prevents the adults in this mess from meeting as a team. Talk and express concerns. Parents want to be heard and teachers want to be supported. Talk to each other and create what the plan looks like together. Ultimately the kids will be the benefactors.”

– Sheree in Houston, Texas