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Where will you be the most productive?

Sandra talks about the #1 thing she wants to help her two girls with, to set them up for success in life.

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The Schwans use these three questions to help decide on a space usage plan for the family.
Three questions to ask to develop a space usage plan during remote learning

The first question Amy and Scott asked their sons as they set up work and school at home this week was, “where will you be the most productive?” Colby and Parker chose to work in their rooms, but Landon staked out the family room as his work space. Scott’s opting for the dining room table while Amy sequesters herself upstairs behind closed doors. She’s distance teaching and according to her family can get a little loud.

The Schwans designed a space usage plan by asking these questions: 

  1. What time does family space become workspace? 
  2. What does each person need to accomplish today? 
  3. How much privacy does each person need to avoid distractions? How’s your plan working?

-Amy, Mom to three sons