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You eat dog, I won’t come to your party

Susan has five kids, and four of them are mixed race. She talks about the many racist microaggressions they experienced as they were growing up.

Habits and Skills
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If you see or hear something, say something as an ally.

“My children are mixed race – Caucasian and Asian. It’s not what I see when I look at them, but it is something they are very aware of. Recently my son, Paul, told me about an incident that happened when he was in the 3rd grade. He’d been reluctant to tell me earlier because he thought it would hurt me. We’d planned a birthday party and invited his entire class to attend. A few days before the party one of the girls came up to him and said, “I’m not coming to your party because you eat dogs.”

When I asked him how her comment made him feel, he said, “I didn’t even understand that she was being racist because I was too young and innocent to think that anyone could be that awful.” 

– Susan in San Francisco