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Checking-in with kids is critical

Julio from San Bruno, California, shares his reflection on how parents can help their kids deal with stress and uncertainty.

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Daily check-ins with the family don’t have to take long. Even five minutes go a long way.

“During times of uncertainty, calamity, and the continuous storming of “bad news”, I think parents play a crucial role in helping children deal with the stress and negativity they may be experiencing. As a father of four children ranging from 5 to 14 years old, I have found that the “shelter in place” has provided a unique opportunity to use our dinner times to check in on them by asking simple and honest open-ended questions.  Not only has that allowed them to open up and express their emotions, it has also given me an avenue to speak comfort and hope into their hearts and souls. 

Undoubtedly, some of those conversations have taken us through a whole gamut of emotions: tears, laughter, and, at times, consternation. These moments not only provided a much-needed break for me from the challenges of working at home, but they have also provided an all-around good family-bonding experience.

– Julio in California