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He chose cooking

Would you like to instill a lifelong love of learning in your kids? Read how Susan overcame her inner demons to help her son explore his interests.

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By encouraging our kids to explore what interests them, parents help them find their purpose.

“The local community college has a Saturday Kids to Kollege program. They offer classes for 5 – 14 year olds. I looked at the catalog with my son. I thought he’d pick robotics, pint-sized chemistry, or Lego building. He chose cooking.

I had to fight my inner demons telling me, ‘that’s for girls,’ but I signed him up. Actually more than half the class was boys. They learned to make tacos (adding bitter chocolate for a flavor boost), chicken noodle soup, pizza and popovers (which, apparently, were a favorite of Winnie the Pooh.) My boy was exploring one of his INGs – cooking. And here’s what he really learned along with a love for preparing food: how to measure wet and dry things (there’s a difference), how to plan a meal, how to divide food into portions.

On our daily neighborhood walks, we passed an empty restaurant and for weeks he contemplated renting the place. He talked about the menu, the customers he wanted to attract, and the recipes he would try. This six-week exposure to a simple cooking class sparked a real passion for my boy. Last Thanksgiving he was the one who prepared the meal for the family.”

– Susan in San Francisco, California